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Entry #1

Animating makes me want to rage quit >.>

2011-02-16 15:59:23 by Darkblade122

So i try to animate, and i fail terribly.

I suppose it's because i dont have the patience?
It's not like i dont have the skills to make atleast a moderatley good short animation.
I mean i dont have anything better to do.... Apart from annoying coursework.... bleh...
I have enough time to do this strange blog?
I doubt anyone will read this though... atleast... not all the way through, surely?
Hmmm i just noticed i have written "I" alot.... seems like im talking to myself now.
Does this even count as "Talking to myself".... after all im writing this in complete silence...
I suppose i should go now :D

Until next time, when i find myself browsing on Newgrounds :/


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2011-02-16 17:09:21

Have you thought about attending some courses? That is one way to learn the methods used to create quality animation, by learning the trade secrets from the profesionals. Just saying.

Darkblade122 responds:

well, im soon to start college. hopefully then i will learn some more about animating in flash or i decide that i want to try something new....

i do appreciate what you are saying..... thanks :D